Monday, 31 October 2016 00:00

1st Quarter Honor Roll


Grade 4                               
Highest Honors:  Cassidy Blanton, Daniel Wagner, and Gavin Moore
Honor Roll: Max Lopez and Evan Gabe
Honorable Mention: Lorene Peuker and Joe Dewitt

 Grade 5    
Highest Honors:   Aden Gabe and Connor Ockree              
Honor Roll:   Emily Fuhrman, Alexis Trautloff, and Selah Worsham

 Grade 6                               
Honor Roll: Alexis Andring, Jacob Blanton, Katelyn Brincefield, Micah Leonardi, and Tristina Martin
Honorable Mention:  Jaid Dewitt, Emma Handke, and Alex Schmutzler

 Grade 7               
Honor Roll: Josh North

 Grade 8                               
Honor Roll:  Alanna Berry, Claire Pierce, Leif Malm
Honorable Mention: Kinley Underwood and Nolan Kerekanich