Jennifer Curley


Postion:  Teacher, Kindergarten 

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Favorite Movie: 

The Wizard of Oz!

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Staff Q & A

Q: How long have you worked at Trinity Lutheran School?
A: 4 years.

Q: What is your educational background?
A: I graduated from Concordia University Chicago with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.

Q: When did you decide to become a teacher and why did you choose this field?
A: I decided in my junior year of high school that I wanted to be a teacher because I love working and being with children. I love their energy, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge. The first several years of a child's life are the most important years. Kids are like sponges- they absorb EVERYTHING! I want to be able to impact children in the most positive way possible, getting them to absorb as many goods things as I can teach them, not only academically, but morally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well. I want them to absorb, to overflowing, my love and most importantly, the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Q: What do you like most about working at Trinity?
A: I love that I get to teach about Jesus, not only in Religion class, but in every situation and all throughout the day. Also, the staff is so wonderful! They are very fun, loving, and supportive friends.

Q:  If you could be a character in the Trinity Circus, what would you be?
A:  I would be a ribbon dancer.

Q:  What is your favorite family meal (either from now or childhood)?
A: Shake and baked pork chops with cheesy grits casserole and ice cream for dessert!

Q:  What was the most recent movie/book you saw/read?
A:  My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz and my favorite book is Holes by Luis Sacchar.

Interesting Facts:

Q: What is the most unusual place you have ever visited?
A:  I have been blessed enough to be able to go on a mission trip to India, where I got to visit Cape Comorin, the place where the Arabian Sea, Sea of Bengal, and Indian Ocean all meet.

Additional information about myself:

I have a wonderful husband who I have been married to since July 2013!

The Parent Teacher League (PTL) is frequently asked for gift ideas for the teachers and staff.  To make things easier they have compiled a list of each person's birthday and favorite colors, snack  and drink ideas, favorite gift certificates, and likes.

B-day Color Snacks Drink Gift Certificates Likes
Aug. 21        Purple Peanut Butter M&Ms, Reeses Dr. Pepper, Hot Chocolate       Pizza Hut, Target, Snowball, DQ, Kohl's, Taco Johns Scrapbooking, Cardinals, Wizard of Oz